Australia and Far East



 The Largest Sand Castle in the World. (Sherkin Comment – 2002). A visit to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, off the Queensland coast. (Read)

 Snowy Mountain Rambles. (Irish Mountain Log – 2002). An ascent of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia. (Read)

Wild Melbourne. (Sherkin Comment – 2007). Some of the wildlife that can be seen within the boundaries of Melbourne, and efforts being made to conserve it. (Read)

Moonrise with Crocodiles. (Sherkin Comment – 2006; – 2007). Winner of the Outdoor Writers’ and Photographers’ Guild / Headwater Award for Excellence (Best Travel Feature) – 2007. A late afternoon trip to see the prolific bird life on Yellow Water billabong, Kakadu National Park, culminating in the magic of a simultaneous sunset and moonrise. (Read)

Into the Wilderness. (Australia & New Zealand Magazine – 2010; Sherkin Comment – 2012). A cruise into the Gordon River wilderness of Tasmania, with a visit to Sarah Island penal colony. (Read)

In the Glass House Mountains(Irish Mountain Log – 2010). Ascents of some of the small, but spectacularly spiky mountains to the north of Brisbane. (Read)

To the Edge of the Southern Ocean – Tasmania. (Sherkin Comment – 2010) A boat trip to look at the geology and wildlife of the Tasman Peninsula and Tasman Island. (Read)

Van Diemen’s Cumbrians. (Cumbria – 2015) Some Cumbrians who have left their marks in Tasmania. (Read)


Singapore Stop-over. ( – 2005). A short visit to the cleanest city on earth. (Read)


Taken for a ride on a Thai tuk-tuk. ( – 2006) A two-night stop-over, exploring the Buddhist temples and transport facilities of Bangkok. (Read)

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: Calm Amid the Hustle. ( – 2008) Contrasting impressions of one of the world’s most populous cities. (Link)

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