Hurrungane Wanderings. (Irish Mountain Log – 1997). Climbing some of the Alpine peaks in the south-west corner of the Jotunheimen mountains. (Read)

 Into the Home of Giants. (Morning Calm – 2007). A trip into Sognefjord and Naeroyfjord. (Read)

Southern Norway, Overground and Underwater. ( 2019). Lighthouses, a salmon ladder and the world’s largest underwater restaurant. (Link)


 The White War. (Irish Mountain Log – 2003). Ascents of glaciers and mountains in the Dolomites, which were among the scenes of fighting in the First World War. (Read)


The Fire Mountains of Lanzarote. (Sherkin Comment – 2005; National Parks International Bulletin – 2005). Geology, wildlife and conservation in Timanfaya National Park. (Read).


Wetlands of Portugal’s Alentejo Coast. (Sherkin Comment – 2013; – 2013) Birdwatching in Portugal. (Read)

Seeking the birds of Portugal’s Castro Verde Steppe. ( – 2013; Sherkin Comment – 2014). One of a number of articles written following a birdwatching trip to the Alentejo region. Read.


 Madeira – Above the Clouds in a T-shirt. (The Scottish Mountaineer – 2008; Irish Mountain Log – 2008). Walking the mountains and levadas on the island of Madeira. (Read).

Madeira – Wild Garden of the Atlantic. (Sherkin Comment – 2008; Portugal Magazine – 2008). The wild life to be found on Madeira. (Read).


Gibraltar – Great views, Caverns and Thieving Monkeys. ( – 2018) (Link)

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands – In a Nutshell. ( – 2017). A hill walk, the oldest wooden home in Europe and a taste of Faroese hospitality. (Link).

 Windswept Islands of the North Atlantic. (Sherkin Comment – 2017) (Read)

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