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ANTHONY TOOLE                               SCIENCE

More than a hundred articles and book reviews published. Most of these are concerned with Chemistry, but a significant number are informed by the other sciences, geology, physics and biology.

Regular contributor of articles to Sherkin Comment (Sherkin Island Marine Station)

Several book reviews published for Education in Chemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry) and Princeton University Press.

Multiple articles published in New Scientist, Times Educational Supplement, The Northumbrian.

Single features in School Science Review, Scottish Memories, Ireland of the Welcomes.


Selected features.

Historical Matter. (Times Educational Supplement – 1997) The importance of the history of Science in Education as illustrated by the history of Chemistry. (Read)

Physics and Chemistry of the Highlands. (Scottish Memories – 1997) Some places in the Scottish Highlands that have played an important part in the development of Science. (Read)

H2O, H2O Everywhere. (Sherkin Comment – 1992; – 2006) Remarkable facts about the chemistry of water that are crucial to the existence and maintenance of life on Earth. (Read)

Molecules of the Left and Right. (Sherkin Comment – 1999; – 2006) Mirror-image molecules and how their ‘handedness’ affects behaviour. (Read)

Colours of the Countryside. (Sherkin Comment – 2001) The chemicals that are responsible for the colours of vegetation in spring, summer and autumn. (Read)

Cinderella elements. (Sherkin Comment – 2001) Some of the little known elements that have common, everyday uses. (Read)

Of Scientific Progress and Dead Theories. (Education in Chemistry – 2000) The importance of understanding the limitations of Scientific Theory. (Read)

Heavenly Views are Very Old School. (The Northumbrian – 2017) Astronomy and Art come together in the North Pennines. (Link)

 Selected Book Reviews.

 The Milky Way – An Insider’s Guide. William H Waller (Princeton University Press) A comprehensive survey of our galaxy and our place in it. ( – 2013) (Link)

The Extreme Life of the Sea. Stephen R Palumbi and Anthony R Palumbi (Princeton University Press) Ocean life at the very limits of possibility. ( – 2014) (Link)

Tambora – The Eruption that Changed the World. Gillen D’Arcy Wood (Princeton University Press) One of the most destructive volcanic events in human history. ( – 2014) (Link)

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