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 More than 500 travel features published in newspapers, magazines and online. The overwhelming majority of these are concerned with outdoor interests, including walking, mountaineering, the countryside and natural scenery, conservation issues, Nature Reserves and National Parks. A smaller number of features deal with travel in cities and towns.

Frequent or regular contributor to: The Northumbrian, Durham Town and Country, Irish Mountain Log, BBC Countryfile,  Sherkin Comment.

 Multiple features published in: Financial Times, Inside Ireland, Mountain, Cumbria, The Great Outdoors (TGO), Climber, High, Global Adventure, North-East Times, National Parks International Bulletin, Scottish Mountaineer, Ireland of the Welcomes, The Countryman, North-East Life.

Single features in: Adventure Travel, Rocksport, Lakeland Walker, Sunday Sun, English Nature Magazine, Outdoor Enthusiast, Scotland Magazine, Portugal Magazine, Australia & New Zealand Magazine, Morning Calm (Korean Air).

Travel features published on the Internet at,,                                                                                                      

All in a day’s work. (Nature’s Web) Talking about travel writing for school students  (Link)

Selected features:

England (Northumberland, Durham, The Lake District, East Anglia)

Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Jersey.

Europe.   Norway, Italy, Lanzarote, Portugal, Madeira, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar.

Australia and South-east Asia.



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